My Personal Accompanist is a site where singers and instrumentalists can order studio-quality piano and orchestral accompaniments for rehearsals, auditions, and performances in any key, of any length, in any style, and in any tempo. Once you have received your accompaniments if you decide you need key adjustments or tempo adjustments these can be done quickly upon request.

Who Should Use

My Personal Accompanist?


The short answer is anyone who needs accompaniment tracks for any reason. Our clients use our personalized accompaniments to rehearse for auditions, learn callback music, recital use, submissions to colleges and universities, casting agents, theatres, weddings, special events and full performances of Broadway musicals.



Stephen Purdy founded mypersonalaccompanist.com and is a Broadway and Classical pianist who has played for many Broadway shows in New York City and on tour and accompanied recitals at many of New York’s most esteemed concert halls. He regularly music directs for Broadway stars at major venues and is recognized in New York City and the West End as a top coach for theatre performers and classical singers. He is also the author of “Musical Theatre Song; a Comprehensive Course” published by Bloomsbury, a “go-to” guide for choosing, preparing and performing musical theatre rep.

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